Bognor Regis Arcade Purchased

Fantastic Investment for Residents

More great news for Bognor Regis was the purchase of the Arcade (£1.8m) which means we can improve this excellent but under-valued retail area, linking the High Street with the Regis site, which we are planning to Regenerate with a New Theatre and Winter Garden together with a Hotel.  Within the purchase of the Arcade are the shops in York Road, that’s 22 shops in all. There has already been plenty of interest in new shops wanting to come to Bognor Regis and already we see a new pasty shop and a proposed new restaurant. There are other new shops in the pipeline, not just in the Arcade but in London Road.  This is our Investment Strategy in Action and is currently returning Arun 9% on money invested. Not to mention the New shops arriving which supports our continuing  Regeneration plans and which has resulted in more and more people visiting and shopping.

A great deal for Arun residents supported by all the Arun Conservatives .