Temporary Ice Rink in Bognor Regis

Festive Fun

Conservative led Arun District Council supports a temporary ice rink 

Arun District Council members voted on a petition which was presented to full council asking that consideration be given to a permanent ice rink being incorporated into regeneration plans for Bognor Regis. 

The petition was delivered to Arun District full council meeting on 2 May 2018 by Bognor Regis Civic Society and was debated at full council on 12 September 2018. 

The petition stated “In view of the tremendous success of the Christmas temporary ice rink, we, the under signed of the petition, ask Arun District Council to incorporate a permanent, quality ice rink, possibly mulit-use, into the Bognor Regis regeneration plans currently under consideration.” 

The Conservative led  Council was delighted with the success of the temporary ice rink last winter and we are working with the operators to secure a similar facility for this year and beyond. Part of the Arun District Council, Linear Park proposal also includes an entertainment space which could be used for this purpose. We have several options to ensure that residents and visitors can continue to enjoy this attraction over the festive period. 

The physical practicalities of providing a permanent ice rink in the centre of Bognor Regis provide challenges of their own and this was covered in detail in the officer report presented at the meeting. 

The Council’s Winter Garden plans which form part of the current Bognor Regis regeneration proposal, has the scope to provide a multifunctional space alongside an extensive entertainment complex, as agreed in the master plan.

When considering the recommendations, Cllr Mrs Gillian Brown, Conservative Leader of Arun District Council supported option four which states” The Council welcomes the support given to the seasonal temporary ice rink and will continue to work positively with commercial operators to the successful delivery of similar events in the future. Regarding a permanent facility, the Council will provide non-financial support to any commercial operator who has a sound business case to deliver such a facility on the outskirts of the town” 

Middleton on Sea and Elmer

Conservative led Arun District Council have listened to residents who have had problems with inconsiderate parking on the roads in Middleton and Elmer which have close access to the beach.  This has caused residents lots of inconvenience, has narrowed the roads, creating safety issues and has generally got in the way of our residents every day lives.

Conservative led  Arun District Council, who are the local authority to enforce parking infringements and Conservative led WSCC, have agreed additional enforcement in these areas and are now patrolling the streets and issuing tickets to those vehicles which infringe the parking restrictions.

The Conservatives listen to residents and action improvements have happened yet again!

Good News for Littlehampton

Arun Conservatives deliver yet another improved play area

Arun Conservatives deliver yet another improved play area, this time at Southfields Littlehampton. Arun Conservatives were aware that the play area at Southfields was in dire need of an upgrade as the equipment was old and outdated for current use.  The public were asked for their views for the proposed upgrade and a ‘Knights & Castles’ theme was adopted.  Arun Conservatives fully informed residents and users throughout the design and build phases.  The play area has also been upgraded to assist less-able users. The play area has now been open since June and has been very well received by the young users and parents/guardians alike.  Five year old twins who are regular visitors to the play area were heard to say what a great new park we now have.

Good News in Bognor Regis

Alexander Theatre/Regis Centre

Alexander Theatre, May 2018

Did you know that the Alexander Theatre in Bognor Regis presented 95 productions in 2017 and sold 45,000 tickets, double what they sold in 2011.  More and more people are visiting and spending money in Bognor Regis,

Hazel Latus, Director of Arun Arts, recently said: “ We appreciate the generous grant and support from Arun District Council enormously. It will be well used  and play a major part in us being able to carry forward our plans and aspirations for growth and improvements within the Regis Centre/AlexanderTheatre for the good of all our users and community at large .

The Conservative Councillors in Arun whole heartedly support the Alexander 

Theatre/Regis Centre  and wish it well for the future.

Did you know that 460,000 people visited our Bognor Regis Leisure Centre in 2017, well you do now?

More Good News

The Conservatives Deliver Again!


Conservative leadership at Arun District Council means that Pagham was saved from incursion by the sea through the actions taken to shore up the eroding beach until nature finally took its course and deviated the harbour outlet away from the houses that were at risk.

The Conservatives believe that actions speak louder than words.


Arun Conservatives have lead the way in saving our public toilets from closure.  In early December of last year, we took the decision, after 6 months negotiation, to rationalize and save as many toilets as we could within our tight cost constraints whilst still achieving a balanced budget.  A big thank you to all the Parishes for their help and liaison at the back end of 2017 and for their additional contributions ongoing.


Arun Conservatives have cherished and kept in place the Bandstand in Bognor Regis, which is an iconic fixture on our Bognor Regis esplanade.  Following discussions in December Arun Conservatives supported a plan for the Bandstand to become the centre-piece of the eastern esplanade with various complementary concessions in the same area, making it a  ‘must visit’ place to visit for local residents and tourists alike.

Bank Holiday, Monday 28th May 2018

How good is our cleansing contract

Today 0930 hrs 28th May 2018 , what a pleasure it is to walk the seafront . There are our team cleaning up the beaches and the esplanades from the weekend. It is wonderful  to see the beaches and seafronts  in such good condition .

On behalf of the Conservative led Council , Thank you