£1bn investment

“ I am sure this counts as Regeneration ”

Over the last 10 years Bognor Regis has attracted over £1 bn investment which will be spent over the next decade. This is a direct result of the Conservative  led  Arun District Council Regeneration activity.

All preparatory work towards a Local Development Order for Enterprise@ Bognor Regis to unlock 4 employment sites and de-risk planning for developers has been successful. This consists of 70 hectares of employment land across the 4 sites north of the town. This derisked planning levered in Rolls Royce Motor cars (200 new jobs plus apprenticeship opportunities) and other major employers on the first site.

We will continue to work tirelessly for more investment in our key roads but the good news is that the A27 Arundel by pass has funding allocated and work is planned to start by 2020.


Completion of our New Play area on Bognor Regis Seafront

Regeneration and refurbishment of our Park Play areas around Arun

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More fantastic news around Arun with a large investment in our children’s play areas showing that once again Conservatives in Arun believe in families. The play area in HOTHAM PARK is to be refurbished with new play equipment with an investment of £63,000, this area is next to the new Wild forest Falls adventure golf opened just a few weeks ago.  WEST PARK play area is to be refurbished in a woodland theme with a wider range of equipment at a cost of £63,000 and to top that HAMPSHIRE AVENUE is being upgraded to include both toddler and junior climbing units together with improvements to the surrounding recreation ground including seating and outdoor exercise at a cost of £46,000 later this year.

Added to this the NEW SEAFRONT children’s play area in BOGNOR REGIS ( NOW OPEN ) at a cost of £100,000. It is what residents want, families want and Conservative Councillors want.  Not just these fantastic investments for visitors to our parks and seafront but also in the new beach huts in Felpham at a cost of £135,000 and all of this within our balanced budget for this tax year, and don’t let us forget the fantastic new leisure centre in LITTLEHAMPTON, which will be opening in Spring 2019, you can see live pictures of the build by visiting WWW.arun.gov.uk/newleisurecentreto keep up to date and see what a fantastic asset to Arun this will be .

Arun Waste Collection

Successful Waste collection service extended by the Conservatives


Biffa Municipal Ltd will continue to manage the district’s waste, recycling and street cleaning contract until 2023 after being awarded a three-year extension.

The initial three-year contract, which was bid for in 2016, began last year.

Since then, Biffa has introduced kerbside collection of Small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment [WEEE], street washing services for regenerated areas, and an extended summer service to keep the foreshores even cleaner. 

Figures show the service is performing well, especially in relation to the low number of missed bin collections, which is equal to 29 in every 100,000.

The contract will deliver close to £400,000 savings a year, allowing the Council to dedicate more resources to promoting recycling and tackling fly-tipping. Weekly bin collections and fortnightly kerbside recycling will continue to operate, along with the popular Green Waste Service.

Biffa’s 133 staff and its 48 vehicles have provided household recycling and waste collections and street and beach cleansing services for Arun District Council since 2003. They currently collect refuse from 72,500 homes every week. Another promise kept by the Conservatives

Investments in our Public Amenities

Picture of refurbished West Park play area

Equipment Cost £63,000 and is now up and running . A special thank you to Aldwick Parish Council for their contribution to this project. This park is  much cherished by our  Conservative led Arun District Council.

Refurbished Hotham Park play area next to the new crazy Golf

Equipment cost £63,000

Refurbished play area in Hampshire Ave

Equipment cost £46,000

Promote current projects

New Beach huts at Felpham which cost Arun £135,000. This investment gives us an annual return of close to £27000. pa.

It has also significantly reduced Arun’s ongoing maintenance costs. Not to mention the 457 people on the waiting list for occupation how popular is this .

Looking forward to more of the same.

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Hotham Park Cafe by night a great venue supported from concept through to completion by the Conservatives at Arun.  Good Luck to all involved and best wishes for 2018

Our beautiful Beaches

Conservatives cherish Arun’s crown jewels and will continue to support our much prized assets.  Please visit below for some wonderful examples of our well kept Beaches

Hotham park , The story continues

Bognor Regis Regeneration on the move 2018

 April 2018

Part of Conservative Regeneration plan for Bognor Regis is to promote our Town as a family friendly holiday destination.  This year you begin to see what we have had in the pipe line over the past few years, firstly we have opened the new Wildforest Falls adventure golf in Hotham Park, this is already a successful addition. Secondly following the success of our Beach on the Beach project a couple of years ago work has now started on the new Beach Play Area for young children, the plans were great, the reality will be exceptional. 

Soon we will be announcing new children’s play areas in our major Parks and I am sure you will be equally pleased with the results.  Progress is being made on the new café and toilets in West Park.

The new Park alongside Queensway is also progressing well, this again will be family friendly, with plenty of open space for play as well as an area for exhibitions and even a winter Ice Rink and a new café and importantly a children’s water play area, which has been requested time and time again.  Regeneration in Bognor Regis is on the move 

Conservative Support for our Parks and Beaches

Our beautiful Beaches

More wonderful awards for our beautiful beaches. Conservatives will keep chasing these awards for Arun residents and visitors alike .

Mewsbrook Park play area

Try a visit to this wonderfully equipped play area which clearly highlights the vision all Arun Conservatives have for our children’s  play areas and the proposed upgrades to other play areas on the agenda for 2018 .

All these refurbishments are strongly supported by your Conservative Councillors.

Mewsbrook Park at its best

Well manicured and at its best . This wonderful park will soon be supported by a Brand New Leisure Centre. Please look at the Photo Gallery for the vision of the future.Littlehampton Leisure Centre is a  £19m commitment to the residents of Arun and was totally supported by the Conservative Group.

Littlehampton / Rustington Beach Views West

Clean and award winning and something to be proud of .

Aldwick Beach with its wonderful views West

Conservatives will continue to support our  prize assets . Cherished by all Conservative Councillors at Arun.

Rustington Beach looking East at low Tide

Just  wonderful beaches and parks lets keep them clean we won’t get any more.




West Bognor Regis





Aqua Centre Littlehampton

Littlehampton’s proposed new Aqua centre , cafe and restaurant . This is to be located on the seafront opposite the current swimming centre.

Announce Coming Events

The Town Centre Managers are  in place  and their programmes of events are accessible via their offices. The events officer at Arun also has access to all the events  in Arun Parks , Gardens and Seafront Esplanades . 

All supported by your Conservative Council.

Conservative Events and Socials

New Social / Affordable Homes

This is the first of many social and affordable homes and part of a  £48m programme for Arun to build or purchase upwards  of 250 new homes for Arun Residents. A cornerstone of Conservative policy .

Conservatives Deliver Housing

Hotham Park a Crown Jewel

Hotham Park has a new addition, Wild Forest Falls . We believe this to be an excellent addition to our wonderful park which has gone through a magnificent transformation.

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Did you know that 460,000 people visited our Bognor Regis Leisure Centre in 2017. Its redevelopment is strongly supported by Arun Conservatives 

Have a look at the Photo Gallery . The new Leisure Centre at Littlehampton is well underway . Another Conservative promise kept.

East Bank Littlehampton

A wonderful attraction with many cafes restaurants and entertainment venues. 

The whole development has been supported by the Conservative Group and we hope every body enjoys what East Bank now has to offer.

Conservative Poem

Arun Biodiversity Forum supported by Arun Conservatives

Cllr Philippa Bower Secretary

Cllr Philippa Bower at the Worms Wood Fair. The wood was planted by the Woodland Trust as a millennium project. When the Trust retired from the project Arun Biodiversity Forum managed the wood for several years until the Woodland Trust took it over again.
Arun Biodiversity Forum was set up by the Conservative led District Council in 2004. It was turned into a voluntary body at which point Cllr Philippa Bower became its secretary. She has helped run it ever since.
“The Forum has around 150 members, many of them volunteers who help maintain parks, clean beaches and do other work which keeps the area a friendly place for biodiversity,” says Philippa. “In the past I was a biology teacher and have always had a strong interest in the environment so I am very pleased to help the work of the Forum.”
As an ex-teacher, Philippa is also interested in education and has set up a group within the U3A to provide volunteer maths assistance to year seven students at Littlehampton Academy.
“As a Conservative Councillor I work a lot with the community and I would like to thank those who volunteer to keep our area the beautiful place it is. The Council is there to provide the basic services and facilities and I am proud that we do it with efficiency and cost effectiveness. But it is up to people to provide a thriving community and I want to be part of that.

The Queens 70th Wedding Anniversary

The Great Royal Bulb Plant


Conservative led Arun District Council supported the initiative to celebrate the 70th wedding anniversary of the Queen and Prince Phillip in November 2017. Bulbs were planted by the Lobbs Wood Group, founded by District Councillor Stella Porter.

Stella says that the aim of the group is to give us a common goal, it improves the living environment of the town, , strengthening connections between the town’s community groups. thereby enhancing wellbeing.  I am interested in promoting community action, particularly among young people.`

Lobbs Wood is a small wooded area at the eastern boundary of Littlehampton. The irregular shape of the open space dictates the street shape, providing an informal character to the area.  Stella has organised the bulb planting and also the installing of bird boxes in the wood, These boxes have been crafted by the Littlehampton Men`s Shed Group and it has helped to bring many local people together.